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Terms and Conditions


Clothes need to be counted & checked at the time of delivery, & any discrepancy be notified within 2 business days via email/call. No complaint will be entertained post that.

Spotting and Stain Removal: Only Fresh Stain can be removed in premium wash/ regular laundry. Since all the clothes from a particular slot are washed together, CSL will not be liable for any loss in case any of the clothes bleed during the washing process.

Permanent & Old stains are not covered under service agreement of CSL. So, if the stains are not removed, CSL will not be held responsible.

Color Bleeding: We take special care in handling all types of clothes. But. due to the basic property of some clothes, they will bleed colors. In such cases, CSL will not be liable for any loss.

Cloth Damage/Misplaced article: In case of misplace/damage to a cloth, CSL will try to rectify the damage. In case of failure in doing that, maximum claim will be 3 times the amount of total bill or Rs.500 whichever is lower.

Complaint response time : The company will need minimum 7 business days from the day of complaint to give a detailed solution to the complaint recorded.